iMessage for Windows : Download imessage for Windows 10/8/7

iMessage for windows With many new updates to iMessage, many iPhone, and other iDevice users want access to iMessage on Windows PC or workplace computers. This will ensure that you can continue chatting with your friends and family on all types of devices, whether you are at your home or at your workplace. Many of the folks use Apple PCs only, which means keeping up with the iMessage is not tough for them. But the ones who own Windows PCs at home and mainly at work find it difficult to cope up. With this, the question arises how can we get iMessage working on all the machines?

imessage for windows

iMessage for windows pc

How To Use iMessage For Windows Using Browser?

Apple does not support any browser-based service for iMessage, which means that you can’t simply check in and have access to it. The only reason for not having an online iMessage support is that Apple wishes to keep its services limited to iDevices and Mac computers. This leaves millions or billions not being able to access iMessage when they are at their workplace or at home using windows personal computer.

But there are some ways for the windows users to send and receive an iMessage, from anywhere. The steps given below will provide you with an easy way to stay in touch with the people that matter to you, using your Windows PC. So without further ado, let’s see how it can be done.


iMessage through Remote Access to Mac

All the connections are fully secure with the Google Remote Desktop. It allows other computers or users to access your computer securely using the chrome browser.

Using the Chrome Remote Desktop

#1: How To Setup iMessage for windows on chrome desktop

  1. First of all sign in into the Google account in chrome browser.
  2. Next, download the Chrome Remote Desktop App from the Chrome store.
  3. Once downloaded, select the Add app to the chrome option.
    1. If you are doing so for the first time, then you and me receive an authorizing message. Click on continue if such message appears.
  4. After that, the Chrome Remote Desktop will appear in the chrome://apps list.
    1. Select the app by clicking on it.
  5. A pop-up will come namely My computers, tap on the Get started option.
    1. Enable your remote connections.
    2. Follow the instructions given to download remote host installer of the chrome.
  6. Choose Accept and Install in the Download Remote Desktop Host Installer.
    1. Save the file named the chrome remote desktop file to your desktop or downloads folder or any other desired location.
    2. Once the download is over, open the file.
  7. Double click on the Remote Desktop Package
    1. Follow the on-screen instructions for installing it.
    2. Enter the admin password when they ask so.
  8. Once installed, open the Remote Desktop App again.
  9. Click on the enable remote connections option.
  10. Enter a new pin of minimum 6 digits.
    1. This pin is required while connecting from another computer.
    2. Choose a pin which is memorable or writes it down somewhere and makes sure you keep it secure.
    3. If asked, enter your Mac’s admin password.
    4. Once all the steps are successful, a message will pop-up telling that remote connection is enabled.
  11. Just make sure to keep the Mac on with internet connection and not in sleep mode if you wish to access your Mac remotely.

#2: Use Chrome Remote Desktop on another computer

  1. If you wish to access your Mac on another PC, open google chrome and sign in to the same Google ID used while setting up the Chrome Remote Desktop.
  2. In the address bar type chrome://apps to fins the Chrome Remote Desktop App.
  3. Find your Mac under My Computers.
    1. For establishing a connection, double-click it.
    2. Enter your 6 digit PIN and tap connect.
  4. A mac’s desktop will appear once the connection establishes.
    1. Set your windows to full screen for the better view of Mac’s Desktop.
  5. For checking the iMessages, open the Message App in the Mac’s Doc or you can find it in the Launchpad.
  6. Your iMessages will appear on your screen in Chrome and that too in a windows PC.
  7. If you wish to end the connection, tap the Stop Sharing button at the bottom of the shared screen.
    1. If a session is ended accidentally, you can reconnect by choosing Reconnect and entering the PIN again.

if you have any queries for installing iMessage on windows please let us know in your comments we would be happy to help you


iMessage for iOS | How To Setup and Activate imessage in iPhone

It is the in-built messaging service in Apple. Users can have easy access to the app without having to leave messages. Content can be shared easily along with options like editing photos, playing games, making payments, or collaborating with friends with a custom interface designed by you. Stickers will help the users to better express them in better ways. Tap on the sticker to send it, adjust its size, or place them on other sticker or photos. Along with it, you can share audio and video content very easily. On your iPhone, the iMessage resides along with SMS and MMS, so that you don’t lose contact with your non-Apple friends. So without any further ado, let us get started with the iMessage for iOS. First of all, you need to download the latest iOS version in your
iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. But to do so, make sure the device you are using to download is signed in to the iTunes & App Store with your Apple ID. Let us see some of the various features of iMessage provided by Apple.

iMessage for iOS


Emojis take your conversation to next level. You can add various emoji to add cheers to the conversation with your near and dear ones. You can adjust the size of the emoji, get emoji recommendations, modify an iMessage or react with an emoji Tapback in iMessage.


Digital touch allows you to send a hand drawn picture. It also allows you to send a heartbeat on iMessage. Along with it, you can add digital touch on top of photos or videos in iMessage.


Apple has provided an option of iMessage to the App store using which the designers can create stickers packs and stamp them on other messages. It is great for users who want richer functionality and for developers who stand a chance of becoming as viral as the next funny meme.


Before using iMessage for sending texts, photos, videos or voice memos you need to set it up. If your iCloud is enabled then there are chances that your iMessage is enabled as well. If not, simply turn it on and start using it just the way you want. You can also turn on or off the read receipts in iMessage for iPhone and iPad. You can deactivate iMessage before you switch from iPhone to Android so that Apple stops sending you iMessages.


Using iMessage you can send anything to anyone. You can send and receive iMessage using cellular data or Wi-Fi connection. iMessage allows you to send and receive texts, pictures, voice memos, videos, location and much more. You can also forward standard SMS/MMS to anyone on any other phone. The Messages app allows you to send iMessages to one or multiple contacts. You can also send your map location to anyone you wish to share with. Not only this you can track your flights also using the iMessage app for iPhone, iPad and Mac.


Earlier you had to tap your way to the apps to send and respond to messages. But the message app and notification centre gives you an option of responding from any app and send any message you wish to and that too quickly. iMESSAGE GROUPS ON iPhone, and iPad You can create groups in iMessage which will allow you to send text,
photos, and videos to multiple contacts present in the group. It also allows you to name a conversation thread making it easy to track while messaging.


Although you can’t delete the iMessages or SMS/MMS sent by you to other’s iPhone or iPad but you can surely delete them from your iPhone or iPad. So if you want to delete an unwanted text or picture or you need to free up the memory storage, the Messages app helps you do so by wiping them or setting them to expire automatically. And you can also block anyone if you don’t want to receive any iMessage from them. It gives you an option of muting, blocking as well as reporting iMessages on your iPhone or iPad. © 2018 imessage